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Greetings from CEO

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Jungwoo Fine Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of the company, Jungwoo Fine Co., Ltd. has been producing various basic chemical products for industrial use. In 2020, we made a large-scale investment and built a polyurethane foam insulation plant in Dangjin, Chungnam. Based on our own technology, we have established a vertical system from raw materials to products.


With continuous research and development and a spirit of challenge, Jungwoo Fine Co., Ltd. has established the world’s first recycling polyol system and has begun full-scale resource recycling business. In this way, Jungwoo Fine Co., Ltd. has jumped to a polyurethane foam recycling specialist company that produces recycled polyol by recycling waste polyurethane foam, and has opened the door to full-scale resource recycling in line with the global trend of carbon neutrality and the environment.


As an environmentally friendly company that actively responds to climate change and strives to achieve carbon neutrality, Jungwoo Fine Co., Ltd. wants to be with its customers.


As a small and medium-sized enterprise pursuing a creative future, we have set continuously developing technology and pursuing the best quality, and nurturing excellent talents as basic goals of corporate management in order to respond to the rapidly changing environment. In order to repay the trust of customers who have used and shown interest in our products, we are doing our best in research and development and quality innovation.


Jeongwoo Fine Co., Ltd. will always strive to be the best in every aspect with a humble attitude in order to become the top company of the future. We will continue to strive towards a broader world and bigger dreams.

Yu Suk, Kim, CEO of Jungwoo Fine Co., Ltd.

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