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Environmental management

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A small and medium-sized enterprise that practices

eco-friendly management via resource circulation business

JUNGWOOFINE presents industrial criteria

for resource circulation via waste polyurethane foam recycling technology
and is taking the lead in carbon neutrality and ESG management.

Resource circulation business

Polyurethane foam, which is widely utilized on a daily basis, makes our lives convenient and abundant. However, waste polyurethane foam causes environmental pollution due to lack of treatments other than incineration and landfill.

JUNGWOOFINE is taking the lead in protecting the environment by developing a technology that recycles waste polyurethane foam and reuses it as a raw material for polyurethane, and establishing the world’s first mass-production system.

Eco-friendly insulation

JUNGWOOFINE produces eco-friendly insulation materials that do not emit organic compounds. We have obtained a variety of eco-friendly certifications including Environmental Management System Certification (ISO14001) and Eco-Friendly Building Material Group Standard Certification (HB Mark). JUNGWOOFINE recycles waste polyurethane foam to produce recycled polyol. We also use it as raw materials for our eco-friendly insulation.

Practice of environmental management

In addition to complying with domestic environmental regulations, environmental management is practiced by strictly managing the environment of each workplace via workplace management regulations. Moreover, we are exerting to develop technologies for process improvement and product improvement, and we are pursuing green growth.

Environmental management policy

  • 1

    Active practice of carbon neutral and environmentally friendly management through the resource recycling business
  • 2

    Compliance with environmental laws via constant legal monitoring
  • 3

    Contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through reduction of environmental pollutants and energy consumption

Certification related to environmental management

selected 1 of 100 promising companies of Green New Deal

Environmental Management System Certificate ( ISO 14001 )

Certification of group standard for eco-friendly building materials (HB mark)

In the process of obtaining environmental sign certificates, environmental test report certificates, and low-carbon product certificates (scheduled to obtain in 2023)

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