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Safety & health management

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We are exerting to create an optimal working environment

for the safety and health of workers.

In order to protect the lives and health of workers,

the entire workplaces, led by the Safety and Health Management Committee,

comply with safety and health management policies thoroughly.

We have established a ‘Safety and Health Management Policy’ to improve safety awareness of workers and prevent safety accidents. We also regularly conduct legally required safety education and customized training for each site.

JUNGWOOFINE has established a ‘Safety and Health Management Committee’ to ensure the safety and health of its employees for a safe and healthy working environment.

We are constantly improving our safety measures by strengthening site management at each facility, conducting risk assessments and establishing safety systems throughout all of our facilities to prevent major accidents and disasters.

Safety and health management policy

  • 1

    Strict compliance with safety and health-related statutes, international criteria, and agreements
  • 2

    Implementation of active supports for organizations and resources necessary for the improvement of safety and health and the establishment of a preventive management systems
  • 3

    Creating a safety-first management culture by establishing a system of participation and communication among all executives and staff members
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