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Ethical compliance management

We are pursuing win-win partnerships with all individuals concerned

and practicing ethical compliance management.

JUNGWOOFINE pursues win-win partnerships

with all individuals concerned, including clients, executives, staff members,

and partners, and exerts to fulfill the social responsibility of the company.

Message from CEO

JUNGWOOFINE is a company that values people and the environment and exerts to cooperate with a variety of individuals converned. Moreover, we are striving to fulfill corporate social responsibility by strictly complying with laws and market orders.

Ethical Regulations

In order to practice ethical compliance management, we establish and operate ethical compliance regulations. JUNGWOOFINE is striving to ensure that ethical compliance management is established as a corporate culture based on these regulations.

Information Center

We run an information center so that all individuals concerned may consult and report related to ethical compliance.

Ethical Compliance Management Policy

  • 1

    We are a company that is trusted by clients via the best quality.
  • 2

    We comply with relevant laws and regulations, and comply with the moral principles and orders of commercial transactions.
  • 3

    We fulfill our social responsibilities by performing our duties with an honest and sincere mind.

Certification related to ethical compliance management

Quality Management System Certificate
( ISO9001 )
Quality Management System Certificate
( ISO9001 )
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