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Rigid polyurethane recycled polyol

Flelxible polyurethane recycled polyol

Recycled polyol made of rigid polyurethane wastes

JUNGWOOFINE has developed waste polyurethane foam recycling technology based on R&D capabilities accumulated since the company was established.

We have established a recycled polyol production technology by recycling waste polyurethane foam from waste refrigerators that had previously been incinerated or landfilled. Furthermore, we have also built the world’s first mass-production system of recycled polyol.

  • Overview of Product

It is a product synthesized through a series of specially designed multi-step process including liquidation process, filtration and purification process, and modification process using rigid polyurethane foam wastes generated from refrigerators as raw material.

Waste polyurethane foam from refrigerators is generated about 20,000 tons per year, and so far it has not been recycled and is completely incinerated. The recycled polyol developed using this waste material improves the recycling rate and contributes to environmental improvement.

  • Characteristics of Product


Saving resources and energy, reducing waste generation, and reducing emissions of air pollutant


It is available to manufacture rigid polyurethane foam exclusively with recycled polyol


It is excellently economical at a lower price than normal PPG (Polypropylene Glycol).


Self-extinguishing ability is excellent (increased marginal oxygen branch (LOI)), excellent mechanical strength, improved insulation performance, and improved responsiveness

  • Specification
Characteristics Unit Values Methods
Hydroxyl number mg KOH/g 340 ASTM D4274
pH (1% in DW) - 8 ASTM D664-89
Density (@25℃) g/cm³ 1,140 ASTM D4052
Color Visual Dark brown -
Viscosity (@25℃) cps 5,000 ASTM D4878
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